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IDexperiment descriptionarray platform
E011Wild type tomato fruit development (set 1)TOM1 cDNA array
E025Wild type tomato fruit development (set 2)TOM1 cDNA array
E016tomato Never-ripe mutant fruit developmentTOM1 cDNA array
E026tomato rin mutant fruit developmentTOM1 cDNA array
E027tomato nor mutant fruit developmentTOM1 cDNA array
E028tomato hp1 mutant fruit developmentTOM1 cDNA array
E020Wild type pepper fruit developmentTOM1 cDNA array
E012Tomato (breaker-stage) vs. Pepper (breaker-stage)TOM1 cDNA array
E018Solanaceae fruit comparisonTOM1 cDNA array
E019IL carotenoidTOM1 cDNA array
E017Tomato introgression line transcript analysisTOM1 cDNA array
E013Transcriptional changes determined by expression of the Xanthomonas AvrRxv effector in resistant tomato plantsTOM1 cDNA array
E014Time course of DC3000 vs delta hrp on tomato Prf-3TOM1 cDNA array
E015DC3000 effector mutantsTOM1 cDNA array
E021Matt's wild cherry tomato vs. Phytophthora infestansTOM1 cDNA array
E022Gene expression profiling of infection of tomato by Phytophthora infestans in the fieldTOM1 cDNA array
E039Transcriptional profiling of the tomato fruit pericarp tissue: fruits overexpressing yeast ySAMdc gene and controlsTOM1 cDNA array
E040Tomato root culture and Al treatmentTOM1 cDNA array
E042Microarray Analysis on Salt Stress Affected Genes in Tomato SeedlingsTOM1 cDNA array
E043Transcriptional Profiling of high pigment-2dg Tomato Mutant FruitTOM1 cDNA array
E023Expression profiles of the tomato line M82 in response to the fungal elicitor EIXAffymetrix genome array
E024Transcriptome analysis of the tomato-Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis compatible interactionAffymetrix genome array
E030Gene regulation in parthenocarpic tomato fruitAffymetrix genome array
E031Expression data of tomato fruit responses to Botrytis cinereaAffymetrix genome array
E032Expression data from PSARK::IPT Nicotiana and wildtype plantsAffymetrix genome array
E033Trafficking of mRNA from tomato to dodderAffymetrix genome array
E034Transcription profiling of tomato seedlings Condine wild type vs. Divaricata a-DOX2 mutantAffymetrix genome array
E035Transcription profiling of tomato strains RP75/59 and UC82 carpel developmentAffymetrix genome array
E036Tomato wild type, vector control and transgenic lines expressing InsP 5-ptase: mature fruits, root tips, and leavesAffymetrix genome array
E037Expression data from various tomato plant tissuesAffymetrix genome array
E048Effects of Potato Spindle Tuber Viroid on Tomato Gene ExpressionAffymetrix genome array
E050Expression data of fruits in the wildtype and ORR tomato plantsAffymetrix genome array
E051tomato salt responseAffymetrix genome array
E052Tomato root transcriptome response to a nitrogen-enriched soil patchAffymetrix genome array
E053Expression data in response to abiotic stresses in tomato at flowering stageAffymetrix genome array
E055A tomato fruit RNA extraction method that isolates mRNAs encoding secreted and endomembrane associated proteinsAffymetrix genome array
E056Expression data from roots and first two leaves of tomato seedlings growing on regular MS medium or MS medium supplemented with multi-wall carbon nanotubes (0, 50, 100, 200 ug/ml) or activated carbon (50 mg/ml)Affymetrix genome array
E057Transcript profiling of tomato mutants producing anthocyanins in the fruitAffymetrix genome array
E058Tomato fruit wound inoculation by C. coccodes and ammonium treatedAffymetrix genome array
E029trancriptome profiling of pennellii ILsTOM2 oligo array
E038Impact of sucrose retrieval upon ex vitro acclimatization (not avaliable)TOM2 oligo array
E041Transcriptional profiles of drought-responsive genes in modulating transcription, signal transduction and biochemical pathways in tomatoTOM2 oligo array
E044Transcription profiling of tomato strains during fruit setTOM2 oligo array
E045Transcription profiling of tomato plants at three time points in the light:dark cycleTOM2 oligo array
E046Transcription profiling of tomato shoots and roots from plants systemically infected by TSWV reveals organ-specific transcriptional responsesTOM2 oligo array
E047Transcription profiling of roots and leaves of tomato plants colonized by the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus mosseaeTOM2 oligo array
E049Ectopic expression of a MYB transcription factor defines a set of co-regulated genes involved in phenylalanine and phenylpropanoid synthesis in tomato fruitTOM2 oligo array
E054Regulatory control of high levels of carotenoid accumulation in potato tubersTOM2 oligo array
E060Differential modulation of photosynthesis, signaling, and transcriptional regulation between tolerant and sensitive tomato genotypes under cold stressTOM2 oligo array
E059Analysis of the effect of constitutive expression of AtGLK1 and AtGLK2 on the transcriptome of tomato fruitsEUTOM3 Exon Array