Transcriptome profiling of young flower buds of WT, sun, ovate and fs8.1 NILs in the LA1589 background

Experiment description: Transcriptome analysis of floral development in WT, sun, ovate and fs8.1 NILs in the LA1589 background. The first inflorescences of each NIL were collected from approximately 150 three-week-old plants. Detached inflorescences were immediately immersed into 1 ml of ice-cooled RNAlater solution, and then vacuum infiltrated and stored at -20ºC. Young flower buds at 4, 6, 8, 10, 13 and 16 DPI (days post-initiation of floral meristem) were separated and collected under a dissection microscope from the fixed inflorescences in the RNAlater solution.

Author: Yanping Wang

Contact: Esther van der Knaap (, Department of Horticulture, Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics, University of Georgia