Transcriptome or gene expression of various fruit tissue in FW3.2 NILs

Experiment description: Lines nearly isogenic for fw3.2 in the cultivated background Solanum lycopersicum c.v. Yellow Stuffer were grown in the greenhouse in a completely randomized design. fw3.2 (ys) and fw3.2 (wt) are NILs carrying cultivated and wild alleles for fw3.2 locus. Flowers were tagged a day before anthesis and self-pollinated at anthesis. Young flower buds, fruits at stage five, seven, and ten days post anthesis (dpa) were harvested. Pericarp and seed tissues were separately isolated. For each sample of young flower buds and developing fruit tissues three and four replicates, respectively were used. RNA was extracted using Trizol and Stand-specific libraries were prepared from total RNA and sequences of 51 bp were generated on an Illumina HiSeq2000.

Author: Manohar Chakrabarti

Contact: Esther van der Knaap (, Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, Ohio State University