Regulatory control of high levels of carotenoid accumulation in potato tubers

Array: A03

Array NameTomato TOM2 oligo array
Array typeglass-slide spotted with oligonucleotide
Array platformspotted w/microGrid
Surface typeglass
Coating typeGamma Amino Propyl Silane
Feature Number~12000 unique elements
Production protocolA) Spotting the Arrays
1. We use the MicroGrid Pro arrayer (BioRobotics), MicroSpot2500 pins, and GAPSII slides (Corning)
2. Temp = 65-70 degrees F
3. Relative Humidity = 35-45%
4. Dwell time = 1sec
5. Spots per visit = 27
6. Pin wash = 7sec
7. Pin dry = 10sec

B) Processing Spotted Arrays
1. UV cross link the spotted arrays via 300 mJoules
2. Bake the cross linked arrays for 2 hours at 80-90C
3. Wash for 2min in 0.2% SDS
4. Rinse slides well via dunks in MilliQ water
5. Dunk in 90% EtOH
6. Spin dry for 2min (500 rpm)
7. Store at room temperature in a clean dessicator