Tomato (breaker-stage) vs. Pepper (breaker-stage)

Experiment description: Comparison of gene expression in tomato pericarp (breaker-stage tissue; Ac +/+) with that in pepper pericarp (breaker-stage tissue; habanero pepper) using the TOM1 array as a probe. The goals of this experiment are three-fold. a) demonstrate the TOM1 array can be used for investigating gene expression in pepper fruit tissue. b) indentify loci that are up-regulated in breaker-stage pericarp from pepper with respect to equivalent tissue from tomato, and c) identify loci that are expressed equally in breaker-stage pericarp obtained from these two Solanaceae species

Author: Rob Alba

Contact: Jim Giovannoni (, USDA Robert W Holley Center, Cornell University Campus

PubMed ID: 15315633