Gene regulation in parthenocarpic tomato fruit

Experiment description: To evaluate the role of seeds in fruit quality, we induced parthenocarpy in tomato by regulating ovule-specific auxin synthesis or responsiveness using the INO promoter from A. thaliana, which is expressed in the outer layer of the integuments during early stages of ovule development. We compared these to fruit where the same coding regions were expressed from the DeFH9 promoter which is expressed in carpel tissues during early stages of ovule development. Expression of auxin synthesis or responsiveness genes by both of these promoters produced seedless parthenocarpic tomato fruit. We compared fruit samples using the Affymetrix tomato GeneChip (GPL4741) to determine how gene regulation and expression differed between wild-type and transgenic fruit.

Author: Abhaya M Dandekar

Contact: Abhaya M Dandekar (, Department of Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis

PubMed ID: 19700496

External link: GEO