Expression data from PSARK::IPT Nicotiana and wildtype plants

Experiment description: Stress-induced leaf senescence could be delayed in transgenic plants expressing isopentenyltransferase (IPT), an enzyme that catalyzes the rate-limiting step in CK synthesis under the control of SARK, a maturation- and stress-inducible promoter (Rivero et al., 2007). Increased CK production resulted in enhanced drought tolerance of the transgenic PSARK::IPT plants, with minimal yield loss (Rivero et al., 2007). We have used a large-scale expression profiling approach to investigate the effects of PSARK::IPT on gene expression to elucidate the molecular events associated with the CK-induced drought tolerance displayed by the PSARK::IPT plants. We used tomato genechips to capture the differential transcriptional responses of WT and PSARK::IPT plants under control and water stress conditions

Author: Zvi Peleg

Contact: Zvi Peleg (, UC Davis

External link: GEO