Expression data from various tomato plant tissues

Experiment description: Gene-to-gene coexpression analysis is a powerful approach to infer function of uncharacterized genes. To perform non-targeted coexpression analysis of tomato genes, we collected a developmental gene expression dataset using various tissues of tomato plant. Expression data are collected from 24 different tissue types including root, hypocotyl, cotyledon, leaf at different stages, and fruit tissues at 4 different ripening stages from 4 different Solanum lycopersicum cultivars. Fruits were separated to the flesh and the peel. These two tissue types indeed showed remarkably different gene expression profiles. We also collected data from 4 different ripening stages (mature green, yellow, orange, and red) to detail the changes during ripening. By using this gene expression dataset, we calculated pair-wise Pearson's correlation coefficients, and performed network-based coexpression analysis. The analysis generated a number of coexpression modules, some of which showed an enrichment of genes associated with specific functional categories. This result will be useful in inferring functions of uncharacterized tomato genes, and in prioritizing genes for further experimental analysis.

We used Affymetrix GeneChip Tomato genome Arrays to detail the global gene expression change using 24 different tomato tissue types (67 hybridizations).

Author: Koh Aoki

Contact: Koh Aoki (, Department of Biotechnology Research, Kazusa DNA Research Institute

PubMed ID: 20130013

External link: GEO