Tomato root culture and Al treatment

Experiment description: cDNA microarrays (Tom 1) were used to analyze changes in transcript accumulation in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum cv Money Maker) root cultures under Al-stress (20uM AlK(SO4)2). Out of the 1,362 genes that had significant changes in transcript accumulation (FDR<0.05), 569 were reduced and 793 were induced. The down-regulated genes included those found in the cell cycle (p34cdc2 protein kinase, cyclin, histone), putriscine synthesis, ABC transporter, germin-like protein. Al-induced genes included glutamate synthase, pectin modification, histidine synthesis, proline synthesis, metallothionein-like protein, multidrug efflux proteins (MATE), ethylene biosynthesis and detoxification proteins. Different isoforms in the multiple gene families of V-ATPase, glutathione transferases and others were either induced or repressed. A wide array of genes for regulating transcription and translation activities, and signal transduction were also affected.

Author: Suping Zhou

Contact: Suping Zhou (, Tennessee State University

External link: GEO