Transcription profiling of tomato plants at three time points in the light:dark cycle

Experiment description: We assayed the TOM2 microarray with target RNAs extracted from ZT0 (presumptive dawn), ZT8 (eight hours after dawn), ZT16 (presumptive dusk) and ZT20 (four hours after dusk), in Light/Dark (LD) conditions . The experimental design compared three time points to ZT0 used as a common reference: ZT8 vs. ZT0, ZT16 vs. ZT0 and ZT20 vs. ZT0. Sampling time is expressed as hours after dawn (Zeitgeber Time - ZT)

Author: Jean-Francois Dubuc

Contact: Gaetano Perrotta (,

PubMed ID: 18665253

External link: ArrayExpress