Analysis of the effect of constitutive expression of AtGLK1 and AtGLK2 on the transcriptome of tomato fruits

Experiment description: Comparison of gene expression, in immature green fruit (15dpa), between transgenic tomato (S. lycopersicum cv. '.T63') lines expressing constitutively the transcription factors AtGLK1 (At2g20570) or AtGLK2 (At5g44190) regulated by the CaMV35S (p35S) to 'T63' lines expressing only the CaMV35S promoter construct (TControl) with no AtGLK sequences. The goal is to describe the effect on fruit transcriptome imposed by the presence of the transgens and relate defined transcriptome changes to the biochemical and morphological phenotypes observed in transgenic fruits

Author: Powell ALT, Nguyen CV, Hill T, Cheng KL, Figueroa-Balderas R, Aktas H, Ashrafi H, Pons C, Fernandez-Munoz R, Vicente A, Lopez-Baltazar J, Barry CS, Liu Y, Chetelat R, Granell A, Van Deynze A, Giovannoni JJ, Bennett AB

Contact: Ann L.T. Powell/Antonio Granell (, University of California, Davis/ Fruit Genomics and Biotechnology Lab, IBMCP;Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas - Universidad Politecnica de Valencia