Impact of sucrose retrieval upon ex vitro acclimatization

Hybridization: vitro_Suc+24h/vitro_Suc-24h leaf

Hybridization protocol
Hybridization solutionN/A
Solution concentrationN/A
Blocking agentN/A
Wash procedureArrays were washed twice in both low and high stringency buffers as suggested by the SlideHyb buffer #1 protocol (Applied Biosystems).
Labeled Target Quantity20 ug
Hybridization Time17 hr
Hybridization VolumeN/A
Hybridization Temperature42oC
Hybridization InstrumentSlideBooster instrument

Scan information
Scan hardwareVersArray ChipReader
scan softwareChipReader 3.1

Image analysis information
SoftwareArray-Pro Analyzer v.4.5 software
Analysis algorithmN/A

Normalization information
Normalization softwareMicroarray Analysis of Variance (MAANOVA) software
Normalization algorithmglobal Loess method
Normalization strategyN/A