Transcriptional profiling of the tomato fruit pericarp tissue: fruits overexpressing yeast ySAMdc gene and controls

Hybridization: transgenic ySAMdc/azygous control (breaker)

Hybridization protocol
Hybridization solutionN/A
Solution concentrationN/A
Blocking agentN/A
Wash procedureMicroarray slides were washed seven times for 10 min each: at room temperature in 2XSSC/0.1% SDS- twice, room temperature in 0.2XSSC/0.1% SDS- twice, room temperature with 0.2XSSC- twice, and once in 0.2XSSC at 42oC.
Labeled Target QuantityN/A
Hybridization Time14 to 16 h
Hybridization VolumeN/A
Hybridization Temperature42oC
Hybridization Instrumentcovered hybridization oven

Scan information
Scan hardwareAgilent DNA microarray scanner
scan softwareN/A

Image analysis information
SoftwareArray-Pro Analyzer v.4.5 software
Analysis algorithmN/A

Normalization information
Normalization softwaremarray package under R
Normalization algorithmPrint-tip specific Lowess Normalization
Normalization strategyTotal Array