Regulatory control of high levels of carotenoid accumulation in potato tubers

Hybridization: POR03/Atlantic

Hybridization protocol
Hybridization solutionGenisphere Hybridization Solution
Solution concentration0.25m NaPO4, 4.5%SDS, 1mm EDTA, 1x SSC, 2x Denhardt's Solution
Blocking agentssDNA and Oligo dT
Wash procedure3x15 minutes:
1) 2x SSC + 0.2% SDS at 60 C.
2) 2x SSC at 22 C.
3) 0.2x SSC at 22 C
Labeled Target Quantity3 ul cDNA
Hybridization Time12-16 hours
Hybridization Volume60 ul
Hybridization Temperature60C
Hybridization Instrument50 ml tube in 60C chamber

Scan information
Scan hardwareScan Array 5000
scan softwareScan Array ver 3.1

Image analysis information
SoftwareAffymetrix GeneChip Operating Software (GCOS)
Analysis algorithmMAS 5 software

Normalization information
Normalization softwaremarray package under R
Normalization algorithmPrint-tip specific Lowess Normalization
Normalization strategyTotal Array