Differential modulation of photosynthesis, signaling, and transcriptional regulation between tolerant and sensitive tomato genotypes under cold stress

Hybridization: LA1777 cold stress/LA1777 no stress

Hybridization protocol
Hybridization solutionN/A
Solution concentration3X SSC, 0.2%SDS, 5X Denhart's, 25%DMF
Blocking agentN/A
Wash procedureThe arrays were washed with 0.2% SDS, 2X SSC at 42oC for 5 min, followed by washing with 0.2% SSC for 5 min at room temperature
Labeled Target Quantity5ug cRNA
Hybridization TimeOvernight
Hybridization Volume80 ul
Hybridization Temperature42oC
Hybridization InstrumentCorning microarray hybridization chamber in 42oC incubator

Scan information
Scan hardwareLuxScan 10KA confocal laser scanner
scan softwareN/A

Image analysis information
SoftwareLuxScan 3.0
Analysis algorithmN/A

Normalization information
Normalization softwaremarray package under R
Normalization algorithmPrint-tip specific Lowess Normalization
Normalization strategyTotal Array