Expression data of tomato fruit responses to Botrytis cinerea


Sample IDorganismcultivar / plant linetissuedevelopmental stagetreatmentdescription
S0380Solanum lycopersicumAilsa Craigfruitmature green stagehealthy31 days post anthesis
S0381Solanum lycopersicumAilsa Craigfruitmature green stagewounded31 days post anthesis
S0382Solanum lycopersicumAilsa Craigfruitmature green stagewound-inoculated with B. cinerea (B05.10) conidia31 days post anthesis
S0383Solanum lycopersicumAilsa Craigfruitred ripe stagehealthy42 days post anthesis
S0384Solanum lycopersicumAilsa Craigfruitred ripe stagewounded42 days post anthesis
S0385Solanum lycopersicumAilsa Craigfruitred ripe stagewound-inoculated with B. cinerea (B05.10) conidia42 days post anthesis