Tomato wild type, vector control and transgenic lines expressing InsP 5-ptase: mature fruits, root tips, and leaves


Sample IDorganismcultivar / plant linetissuedevelopmental stagetreatmentdescription
S0409Solanum lycopersicumwild typefruitripe (red)NoN/A
S0410Solanum lycopersicumVector controlfruitripe (red)NoN/A
S0411Solanum lycopersicumTrans.Line N6fruitripe (red)NoN/A
S0412Solanum lycopersicumTrans.Line N7fruitripe (red)NoN/A
S0413Solanum lycopersicumwild typeleavesfirst two leaves of 10 day oldNoN/A
S0414Solanum lycopersicumVector controlleavesfirst two leaves of 10 day oldNoN/A
S0415Solanum lycopersicumTrans.Line N6leavesfirst two leaves of 10 day oldNoN/A
S0416Solanum lycopersicumTrans.Line N7leavesfirst two leaves of 10 day oldNoN/A
S0417Solanum lycopersicumwild typeroot tips10 days etiolated seedlingsNoN/A
S0418Solanum lycopersicumVector controlroot tips10 days etiolated seedlingsNoN/A
S0419Solanum lycopersicumTrans.Line N6root tips10 days etiolated seedlingsNoN/A
S0420Solanum lycopersicumTrans.Line N7root tips10 days etiolated seedlingsNoN/A