Tomato epigenome database manual

    Search DNA methylation
    Plot methylation profiles
    Search genes
    Genome browser


Tomato epigenome database is a web-based database that allows user to get information related to epigenomic data, such us DNA methylation data, combined with visualization tool Generic Genome browser.   User can use provided forms to search DNA methylation information according to chromosome positions or particular gene positions, i.e. promoter region, also can get the profiles plot of the selected region.

User can search genes according to annotation keyword, with each gene connecting to the methylation data table of gene positions from upstream 2000bp to gene end position. Blast tool is used to get information from CDS or protein sequences database for specific user's sequence.

Genome browser is used for users to look at all kinds of data: methylation, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq and small RNA data. User can click gene in CDS region in genome browser to connect to tomato epigenome database.