The epigenomes of tomato fruit development and ripening

Single-base resolution methylomes of wild-type tomato fruits at four different developmental stages, immature (17 DPA), mature green (39 DPA), breaker (42 DPA), and red ripe (52 DPA), fruits (42 DPA) of tomato ripening mutants, rin and Cnr, and tomato leaves were published in Nature Biotechnology. The study revealed that dynamic tomato epigenomes could play an important role in fruit ripening

Nature Biotechnology News and Views: Epigenetic trigger for tomato ripening

Boyce Thompson Institute Press Release: Changes in epigenome control ripening in tomatoes

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Tomato methylomes published - Feb. 2013:
Single-base resolution methylomes of tomato fruit developed was published in Nature Biotechnology
sRNA-seq library preparation protocol - Sept. 2012:
A cost-effective method for Illumina small RNA-Seq library preparation was published in Plant Methods
Tomato genome published - May 2012:
The tomato genome was published in Nature
Strand-specific RNA-seq protocol - Aug. 2011:
A paper describing high-throughput Illumina strand-specific RNA-seq library preparation protocol was published in Cold Spring Harbor Protocols

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