Transcription profiling of tomato plants at three time points in the light:dark cycle

Hybridization: ZT8/ZT0

Hybridization protocol
Hybridization solution
Solution concentration
Blocking agent
Wash procedurewashed in decreasing SSC concentrations and 0.1% SDS at 55 oC and room temperature, respectively. The last wash was carried out in 0.1x SSC at room temperature.
Labeled Target Quantity200 pmoles of purified Cy3- and Cy5-labelled aRNAs
Hybridization Timeovernight
Hybridization Volume
Hybridization Temperature55oC
Hybridization Instrumentautomatic hybridization station

Scan information
Scan hardwareScanArray Lite (Perkin-Elmer)
scan softwareN/A

Image analysis information
SoftwareScanArray Express (Perkin-Elmer)
Analysis algorithmN/A

Normalization information
Normalization softwareExcel Spreadsheets used to calculate total signal
Normalization algorithmN/A
Normalization strategyTotal array